China R visa for Category A Talent

What is the R visa?

High-level Foreign Talents(Category A talent) can get an R visa, the application procedure is easier than others.

The R visa is just a visa from the Chinese embassy before we apply it formally, we must get approval from the Chinese government for working in China if you are out of China. So, we need the employer to apply for a work permit online, to get the “Confirmation Letter for High-Level Foreign Talents”.

Once you have this letter, then u can apply R visa at the chosen Chinese embassy.

What is the benefits of R visa holder?

  • R visa applicants can enjoy express service(Green channel) for visa applications. R visa can be issued within 2 working days;
  • The visa with a validity period of 5 to 10 years with multiple entries; The family of an R visa holder is the same.  
  • Without age limitation, once you are defined as Category A, u have the right to apply it.

The definition of Category A:

  • Meet the feature of“Highly skilled and talented”;
  • Urgently needed by China’s economic and social development;
  • Such as scientists, technology leaders, international entrepreneurs, and special talents.

Here are the majority of the Category talents standard, but not all:

(1) The talent introduction plan approved by the deputy provincial or above competent personnel department approved by the CPC Central Organization Department, Human Resources and Social Security Department, and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

Such as the Program for the Introduction of Renowned Overseas Professors, 1,000 Talents Plan, 100 Talents Plan, and CAS Hundred Talents Project.

(2) Those who conform to internationally recognized standards for recognition of professional achievements.

Such as Nobel Prize winners, scholars from Academy of Science or Academy of Engineering in foreign countries, professors and vice professors taking a position in the world’s top 200 universities, etc.

(3) Foreign talents who meet the needs of market-oriented encouraged jobs.

Such as senior management staff in China’s state-owned enterprises, Fortune Global 500 Enterprises, etc.

(4) Innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

Including those who have major intellectual inventions, patents, and other independent intellectual property rights or know-how investment.

(5) Outstanding young talents.

Young talents under the age of 40 who are engaged in post-doctoral research at high-level universities outside the country (international) or universities in China.

(6) Points with a score above 85 points.

Should i apply work permit and residence permit to replace the R visa?

Generally speaking, if you are not regularly work in China, u have no to do that, because The R visa can be valid for up to 5 or 10 years, with multiple entries. Each stay can be up to 180 days. If you are regularly work in China, your employer will help you to get work permit and residence permit. As for your family, they also can come with a family(Q) visa which should apply with your work visa together.

How to apply R visa?

The application process is actually the same as the Z visa application, but it’s even easier than a Z visa. For the specific application procedure, please follow the “Ultimate China Work Visa Application Guidance”. Click here!

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