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Risingstar JobCareer is a teaching job seeking and recruiting platform in China. wonder what you can get from there? Click here!


Risingstar JobCareer is a platform for Teaching in China, focuses on the education industry, and provides various teaching jobs for foreign teachers. Our headquarter is located in Chongqing, China. We have many English teaching positions in kindergarten, public primary/middle school, training school, international school, and university all over China.


Be ur Exclusive job consultant—Service details:
1, We will provide you interview opportunities, as your exclusive job consultant, assist you to get the job package, sign an official contract with your final employer, we will help you check the possible existence of loopholes in the contract, avoid to be deceived, all benefits will go to your hands directly, never pass from anyone else.
2, Before ur coming, our agency will provide u detailed information about your school, city, and so on. we will assist u to make the right decision.
3, We will assist ur coming, guide u prepare the legal work visa papers until u get the legal work visa. 
4, Assist u to get well with ur employer at the beginning, be a coordinator for u.
5, Assist you to adapt to the new life in China.


Welcome your family to China, legal work visa for u, legal family visa for ur family! If you are ready to discover your wonderful adventure in China, please send your latest resume, passport, degree, teaching certificate and one recent photo, a short video(which is a priority) to us, that would be a great help for us to communicate with the potential schools.
I wish u everything goes well and happy every day!



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