• Full Time
  • Yanqing and Haidian, Beijing
  • Applications have closed
  • Salary: RMB18000-25000monthly before tax
  • qualified for work visa

Beijing Hello Child English

1. Job Overview: 

Location: Yanqing and Haidian District, Beijing

School Type: Language Training School

Contract period: 1 year

Personal situation of foreign teachers: no gender restriction, ages 24-44

Time to Start: ASAP

Job Description:

  • Position/Vacancies: 3 ESL vacancies
  • Work schedule: Wednesday to Friday 1 pm to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 6 pm ,Max 25teaching hours+15 office hours per week. 2days off per week.
  • Student age: 3-12years old
  • Class size: 8-12 per class
  • Duties: Teach English Oral

2. Salary&Benefits of Teacher:

  • Competitive salary (18000-25000RMB /month, depends on education background and teaching experience, including class bonus)
  • Flight Bonus at the end of your contract
  • Provide a working visa
  • Provide accommodation or house allowance to teacher
  • Paid Chinese public holidays
  • Arrival Assistance
  • More specific details will be shown in the contract…

3. Requirements of English Teaching Work Visa in China:

  • Passport from English speaking native country(such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa, which is recognized by the Chinese government as an English native country)
  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject (must be notarized by Chinese embassy)
  • Provide valid police clearance (must be notarized by Chinese embassy)
  • Provide a standard health check certificate(health check form can be downloaded from the official websites of Chinese embassies in various countries)
  • Able to provide the proof of relevant work, recommendation letter at least 24 months since got the BA degree, or provide TEFL certificate minimum 120 hours (or equivalent)(TEFL should be notarized by the Chinese embassy because some local government will require notarized TEFL; Recommendation letter is not required to be notarized)

4. How to apply for a job?

Please email us your latest resume and self-video to for an interview appointment!

Contact Way:

Wanna start your teaching job in China, just feel free to contact us!